Advisor, National Study of Lifelong Learning in Malaysia, National Higher EducationResearch Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia (2019-2020).

Consultant. Global School Excellence Pilot Project, Ministry of Education, Malaysia (2014).

Consultant. Training of Women Lecturers on e-Learning, National Center for eLearning and Distance Learning, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2013 – 2014).

Consultant. Module Development on Learning Space (2012). Sampoerna School of Education, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Consultant, Instructional Design for Telecentre Modules (2010 – 2011). Funded by the International Development Research Centre, Canada under the patronage of Ministry of Science and Technology Malaysia.

Consultant, Instructional Design for Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM) training modules for banking staff (2010).

Consultant, ID Wizard software (2010 – 2011). Development of a software to create online content.

Consultant and Facilitator, Instructional Design for NextGen eContent (2009 – 2010) for Smart Schools, Malaysian Development Corporation (MDeC), Cyberjaya.

Trainer, Technology & Consultancy (September, 2010). Advanced eLearning for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Academicians. Sheraton Kuala Lumpur.

Trainer, eLearning courses for the Institute of Professional Development, OUM (2009-2011).

Trainer, Meteor Technology & Consultancy (July, 2009). Strategic Planning for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Academicians, Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Online Training, E-Moderating Course for International Medical University Nursing and Pharmacy Lecturers (October, 2008).

Trainer, Meteor Technology & Consultancy (July, 2008). Strategic Planning for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Academicians, Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Trainer, Module Writing Workshop for MARA Lecturers (April, 2007), Ancasa Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Consultant, National Center for E-Learning for the Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2007 – 2008).

Trainer, Gotevot Training on Instructional Design for Print Modules and iTutorials, 2006.

Consultant, IT Plan for Technical Schools (Asian Development Bank Project for Technical Education in Malaysia), Institute for Strategic and International Studies (1997 – 2001).

Consultant, Telekom Smart School, Telekom Malaysia Bhd (2000-2001)
Member, Brains Trust on Human Capital for ISIS Study on the Knowledge-Based Economy (2000).

Consultant, World Bank Education Project (Teacher Training for Smart Schools: A needs analysis), (1998).

Instructional Design Consultant, Anika Gagah Courseware Development Project for School, (1997 – 1998).

Consultant, Tiara Cyber (a computer training/education project for Tiaranita, Telekom Malaysia Bhd.), (1997).

Education Consultant, TM School On-Line by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (1996 – 1998).

Member, Action Committee, Virtual University, Universiti Malaya, (1997).

Country Representative, Success Stories Project, International Federation of Information Processing, Geneva, Switzerland – funded by UNESCO, Paris (1996).

Member, Committee on Distance Education, Universiti Malaya (1995). Prepared the Proposal for U. Malaya’s PPJJ.

Research Consultant, Distance Learning Needs Survey, Telekom Malaysia Berhad and Team Accountants (1995).

Member, Committee on Campus Computerisation, UM (1995 – 1996). Member, Intensive Research in Priority Areas (IRPA), Services Sector Committee, Universiti Malaya (1995 – 1996).

Member, Expert Group on Information Superhighway, Secretariat- MIMOS (1994 -1995).

Chairperson, Board of Management of TADIKUM (kindergarden of the University of Malaya, (1993 – 1996).

Member, Programme Committee, Asia Pacific Information Technology in Training and Education (APITITE) Conference and Exhibition, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (1993 – 1994).

Member, Committee on the Formulation of an Informatics Curriculum for developing countries under the auspices of UNESCO, organised by International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP), Geneva, Switzerland (19 – 26 September, 1993).

Member, Computer Task Force Committee for National Science Centre, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (1991).

Chief Education Consultant, Joint Ministry of Education and MIMOS Authoring Tool (CoMIL) Project (1989 – 1990).

Member, Joint Ministry of Education and MIMOS (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems Main Committee on Computer Use in Education) (1987 -89).